Indian summertime blues

Every year I get fall fever and feel guilty wishing summer would just go because other people make excellent points like The Beach and Ice Cream. They never mention how the bees already moved in on picnic season or how it’s getting light so late a run before work is almost out of the question and after work is no better now that back to school busyness is the new order.

Fall will not be rushed with her unapologetic flare for things that only make sense when it is cool and damp, like sweaters and cider. We can and will watch monster movies in September, but may need to draw the curtains and crank the A/C to set the mood.

We can do this, play with and bend the rules a little instead of pretending indian summer is as fun as early summer.

I thought maybe it has not been enough to buy new shoes and backpacks for the children. Maybe school is the thing sorely missing from my own life, so I signed up for a local writing class I’ve been eyeing for years but which never quite fit our schedules. It will focus on character development, which is right up there with dialogue and plot when it comes to things I need help with.  So I’m pretty excited and already have the bones of a short story to take to class. I wrote it the same week I did the flash fiction piece below, which was accepted by a couple of beginnerfriendly places (both accepted simultaneous submissions and previously published work).


To continue reading the story and check out the rest of the issue, click HERE.

Happy back to school/late summer/pre-fall.





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  1. Hey Kristen, I’m curious what were the parameters of the flash fiction call for content? I only read yours (which I really enjoyed) but wondered if there was some thematic thing in common between them. I like the rhythm and comfort you have with this tale, I’m looking forward to hearing how the writing class goes too, glad you found time to do that now. You have a lot of good work under your belt and doing that keeps you getting better I think. Our youngest was born around this time of year (just tried defining indian summer for her yesterday) so this post brought up memories of her, our last baby…nice, I like the conflict in yours too. Bill


    1. Hey Bill. A friend turned me onto, a monthly subscription site, which is where I researched and came up with a list of publications that seemed attainable. I don’t recall a theme requirement, though both sites look for the offbeat and unusual. If you want more info, email me at byebyebeer at the gmail…I could explain more and maybe point you in a couple directions if you’re interested. Neither site paid, but it was certainly confidence boosting to get the acceptance emails. Still trying to come to terms with Indian summer. Fairly certain I used to love it. Happy birthday to your girl.

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  2. I have to agree about indian summer/ pre-fall. I think its an awkward time of the year. It doesnt feel right. Its hot as hell during the day, even humid, but cold at night. Its cooler, so there should be less allergies around, but there isnt. its rather unpleasant. good piece.

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  3. I signed up for Duotrope- thank you for mentioning it! I love your short story and I think taking a writing class is a wonderful idea. I’ve thought of it too but I had to put an exercise class ahead of it!. (I signed up for water aerobics). Still, you planted a seed and I will look around for a good opportunity of a class that fits my schedule.

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    1. For $5 a month, I may not use it much in between submissions but the cost is low and it’s good for tracking what I send. The class I’m taking is through my county’s adult night school. They have all kinds of classes that appeal and I’ve eyed this one for years before finally enrolling. Water aerobics is fun! The only exercise where you get a workout and never really sweat. Enjoy!

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