Buzzkill: Paul’s Podcast and an interview!

My first recorded words were: My name is Kristen Deacon. I am a little girl. 

My brother had received a tape recorder for his 5th birthday and took it for a test spin. He played my profound words back and I asked who the little boy in the recording was and a lifelong hatred of the sound of my voice was born!

Unfortunately it never stopped me from talking. Bonus feature on tape: my great-grandmother saying “Happy Birthday to YOU, Jepprey.” That’s how she pronounced Jeffrey. She was totally adorable, a 4ft 2 inch angel in cork wedge heels who kept her own stash of chocolates by her bed because they “help me to sleep”. Here is photographic proof of her adorableness and possibly my favorite picture of us.


Fever heat from a nasty case of the Australian flu attracts little old ladies and cats like hummingbirds to nectar.

This is all a long-winded introduction to Paul’s podcast on recovery, which I was honored/humbled/thrilled to be on last night.

You may remember Paul from such classics as Message In a Bottle, his recovery blog, which I came to know early in recovery and loved for many years. And still do love because it’s still up for others to peruse and love while he is off taking the podcast world by storm.

His podcast is called Buzzkill and it’s part of the Since Right Now network.

Here is a direct link to last night’s podcast:

Episode 13: Interview with Kristen Rybandt

Or treat yourself to one of Paul’s earlier episodes, as I enjoyed hearing what he had to say about the mind-body connection, particularly with running:

 Episode 12: Runner’s High / Chasing the Mind Body Spirit Connection

Or you can start at the beginning (a very good place to start) and hear Paul’s story:

Episode 1: The Sound of Changeโ„ข

There are 13 delicious, low-cal episodes to choose from, so why not try one of each?

I love that Paul tried something new and is thriving in this new medium. There is more than one way to get and stay sober, folks.

19 thoughts on “Buzzkill: Paul’s Podcast and an interview!

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  1. Honoured and humbled to have you on the pod, Kristen. Thanks for being sport and letting this cat stumble his way through interviewing someone for the first time! It was a blast, and I felt we could have chatted for quite a while. Anyway, I hope your loyal followers get to hear how cool you really are – not only are you a great writer, but you’re a fantastic speaker!


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  2. YOUR VOICE!!!!! YAY!!!!! I cheated and fast forwarded to hear what you sound like and later on my run I’ll listen and grin at the woods and people will think I’m crazy and it will be grand. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

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  3. I listened last night and I LOVED it! I love Paul’s podcasts and it was so fun to actually hear your voice. I didn’t think it was possible but I adore you even more now.

    Congrats on be heard. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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