Hey Kids! Guess What Time It Is?

I highly recommend a word of the year in lieu of new year’s resolutions. Last year I chose Patience – in mid-January, mind you, into it from the start – and pontificated and worked on it all year long. This year, who knows.


(Some of this post has been copied and pasted, so if you think you’ve read  parts of it before you probably have.  I have new friends this year though so…..)

Once again, it’s (almost!) that time of year.

Word Of The Year time!

I thought I might jump on here  as a reminder to those of you who join me and to explain the  genesis of the practice for those of you who might like to give it a shot.

In late 2010 I read a blog by someone (and it kills me that I have no recollection of who it was…of course, I was still drinking then, so it’s not a huge surprise!) who talked about how useless resolutions were for her and how she had, for years, chosen a single word as her, what? inspiration, focus, meditation? for the year. I really don’t remember much except “resolutions are…

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