Hike: A Guest Post by Kristen Rybandt

This week I got to guest blog over at Michelle’s Lipstick and Laundry! Michelle is a terrific writer and she’s kind and enthusiastic and, above all, the real deal. We bonded over a mutual love of old buildings and stories, and basically I want to be like her when I grow up.

The other night, I sat on my 7 year-old daughter’s bed and read the guest post about taking a hike and getting lost from my smartphone, like our parents used to do with us, and a curious thing happened. Both cats came out of nowhere, one squeezing all but her tail underneath a dresser, and the other settled in the shadows behind the bed to have a listen. Did you know cats like bedtime stories? Kids like them too, as my girl listened to the whole thing and declared “it was kind of long, but I really liked it.” Kid, you lived it.

Thank you, Michelle, for letting me guest blog and for being you.


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Click here to read: Hike: A Guest Post by Kristen Rybandt


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