Guest Post: My Wife Josie is 3 Years Sober Today

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josie and her husband, Dan, on a couple occasions and didn’t think it was possible to like them more. Then I read this guest-post and realized I was wrong. Congratulations to Josie on her 3 years of recovery, and thank you to Dan for supporting her and sharing such a sweet tribute.



For almost 3 years you’ve gotten to know Josie by reading her blog. The blogging relationships she has developed have been of great assistance to her and her life. But it’s about time that you get to know the Josie I know. It’s about time that you hear stories from another point of view. It’s about time you see my wife Josie through my eyes and my heart…

In the winter of 1994, while in college I tagged along to a Residence Life staff dinner at my college. At that time my then girlfriend was part of this group as were many friends that I came to know. When the event was over a few people stayed behind to clean up. This was spearheaded by the Residence Life Coordinator, Josie. The clean-up took place in her apartment attached to one of the residence halls. A discussion broke out about the…

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