My baby’s first 5K

I stopped timing myself when I run. This started in early winter after I’d gone a long stretch without running at all. My fitness level felt like I’d slid backwards from Queen Frostine to the Peppermint Forest, and rather than get totally discouraged, I decided to lower the bar. It worked. I’m still running. No idea how quickly or not-quickly, but speed never was the point. I run because I feel good afterwards. I run because the simple act allows me to eat cookies. I run to connect with nature and other people.

Last weekend was the 5K I signed up to run with Josie, a great sober blog and race buddy. Thanks, Josie, for the heads up on this race and for this photo of us before the start.

photo (6)

Josie’s the one with the fancy-colored hair. You know, I’ve always said I wanted pink hair and completely blew the chance to get it. Wth?

It was a beautiful day and the run was in a lovely, historic town. I love races through small towns because neighbors come out on their lawns to wave and cheer and occasionally spray garden hoses in the street for us to run through and cool off.

My two daughters also joined us for this race. My oldest is 13 and she found her own pace and beat her previous finish time by an impressive amount. I’m really proud of her and beamed when she told me she wants to keep running and possibly sign up for track next spring.

My youngest daughter is six years old. A 5K is 3.1 miles, which is a long distance for someone with little legs! She’s a determined little whipper snapper though. She told me two Decembers ago that she wanted to race with me. She even had her outfit picked out down to a purple jacket that she promptly outgrew. This particular race was very kid-friendly, so we signed her up and practiced walk-running 3.1 miles and got covered in tar for good measure. We were ready!

Her strategy was a zig-zag pattern of too-quick sprints and walk-dragging, with an occasional skip through friendly-neighbor hose spray.  She did wipe out coming off a curb near the water table, but she didn’t cry due to an emergency bandaid in my pocket and the kindness of a volunteer who saw the whole thing and brought her a cup of water and told her she was “very brave”.

She popped back up and walk/ran/skipped to the finish line, and both daughters are still talking about the post-race bagels. I have no idea where this love of food comes from.

Here’s a couple of pictures, stitched together, that my husband took just before my youngest crossed the finish line. She’s in yellow, I’m in gray.


14 thoughts on “My baby’s first 5K

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  1. That’s fantastic! What an accomplishment for all of you. I can’t wait until my kids have the ambition to run with me. Right now, we’re practicing by walking across the Target parking lot without whining. I almost made it the whole way last time! 😉


  2. Awwwww….I love this! What beautiful pictures…pure joy in everyone’s faces. Puts my moaning about my itty bitty owie into perspective! Thank you for this…between Josie’s post and yours…I am loving this running even more 🙂


  3. Awww I love that the girls joined you~ I also love that you ditched the running watch and gadgets so you can just run and be in the moment! Sorry I couldn’t have joined you ladies~ next time!


  4. What a life affirming post. I love that you don’t time yourself – that is the right attitude on some of this for me, if you enjoy it but the goal setting starts to get in the way etc. then… stop the goals! I don’t weigh myself anymore – I used to obsess about it. I’m happier, I may be a bit heavier but who cares…
    Love your daughters success on it too. Brilliant, brilliant post


  5. A beaming momma you are. My kids are too mature to run with me. (aka… it’s not cool to run with your mom) Love the photos. You girls are adorable. Wish I was running with you. Maybe one of these summers I’ll make a trip out there. xox


  6. La la la! I love this. 🙂

    p.s. I have always wanted a cool color in my hair too. One day I’ll come up for our BBB sober 5K race and we’ll all dye our hair pink and make ourselves spiky mohawks with gelatin. Because I just found out that’s how you make a mohawk stay. (And also, mohawk is hard to spell.)


  7. well first of all my dear friend – it is never too late to get pink hair = and maybe just one little pink highlight can be added for a little sass – and just to cross it off the list – 🙂

    and wow – congrats to your daughter for pushing on – and congrats to you all actually –

    and if your other reader does put together a BBB sober 5K race – we’re in too!


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