Meditation. Ice storms. Carbonite. Pineapple. Oddly, mostly pineapple.

Meditation: is not going well. It is not going well because I am not doing it. I have so many things I love to do in the peace and quiet of morning, such as writing, exercising, coffee drinking and, once a week, pineapple slicing. Seriously, don’t bother with the pre-sliced or core-ripper-outer thingies. Just slice the ends off, cut it down to workable sections and remove the core, and then carve the meat out of the shell. It’s better than meditation plus you get to eat it afterwards.

Procrastination/avoidance: Alive and well.

Ice fucking shit up: Alive and well. A tree in the front yard obviously didn’t get the memo about this being the worst winter ever and optimistically burst with berry-looking buds, which are now encased in ice like nature’s Han Solo. I realize that was Carbonite, but I’m not sure if Carbonite is real so figured you wouldn’t mind the sloppy simile. Also, branches are snapping off right and left and the cats are hiding under the bed, but we haven’t lost power yet while my work has none. Ice isn’t fucking everything up.


Meditation for those who will do anything to avoid meditation: My daughter and I took a Zentangle class this weekend and it’s a perfect replacement for the meditation I haven’t started doing. I’d first read about it on Sherry’s blog (can’t find the post, but will link back once I do) and it’s one of those things where you can buy fancy paper and pens and follow specific patterns, or you can do it with whatever scrap paper and pens you have lying around and make it up as you go along. Our instructor called it Tangling, but it feels more like Untangling, you ask me.

Yesterday I sat down after a long day and picked out a roller coaster theme to match my mood, and the next thing I knew I was doodling tentacles and scallops and river stones. Nothing calms me better than the sea. I’m still finding my sea legs, but here is the one I did and then below that is what it looks like if you know what you’re doing and have 5 hours to spare (don’t worry, video is sped up).


I’m not giving up on meditation, even though it’s slow going. Next week I promise a brief progress report or else a 5 hour video of me slicing pineapples, which sounds like a threat to you, but really it’s aimed at me. I have no intention of eating 60 pineapples.

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  1. 60 pineapples… 5 hours. So, 12 an hour; 1 every 5 minutes? That’s pretty impressive, K. If your work stays blacked-out, and meditation doesn’t pan out, you could always become a professional pineapple slicer. Think how cool that would look an a resume. Very.


    1. If I threw that in my resume, would anyone notice? How about Professional Procrastinator? Probably best not to advertise. Anyway, I think I overestimated my slicing abilities. Best slice that in half to 30 pineapples. Still too many to eat. Professional Pineapple Preparer and Overexaggerator would need to go on the resume too.


  2. Isn’t it the best thing EVER! I think I’m going to tangle tonight…or maybe you’re right, untangle sounds better.

    And I love fresh pineapple…so yummy and so easy to cut up. No fancy schmancy tools for me either!



    1. Hey Sherry! I sent you an email, but if you have a link to your zentangle piece, I would love to post. I have you to thank for introducing us to it. My kid loves it and is a natural.


  3. I admire you. I can’t meditate. I am horrible at it. I try really hard but always have one eye open looking around. The Zentangle stuff is much more my speed! It reminds me of pen and ink which I have always been a big fan of. Awesome 🙂


  4. Brilliant post BB. It is filled with raw emotion and shows your own great drawing skill. Drawing for meditation makes sense and draw out beauty from within. So impressed with this.B


  5. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The incredible procrastinating pineapple! That video part was hilarious. 🙂

    I’m using the meditations at (and the yoga classes too). I’ve done a grand total of TWO, but I do enjoy having some direction. It makes it much simpler to listen to this fellow guide me rather than sit and try to muffle my loud ass brain myself.


  6. I think pineapple is underrated. Mango and strawberries hog the spotlight, but pineapple should be king. Now, I can do away with kiwi and dragon fruit. Not my cup of tea, but pineapple is something you can carve and eat. Unlike clay. But clay has the ability to stay in one place and not move, like someone meditating. And while I may have that happening on a more regular basis, it’s still something that can always be done at other times. For example, when I run (yikes – been 2 weeks – this weather hasn’t been kind to my running), I use that as my meditation. No music, just zenning out. it doesn’t have to be “ommmmmm” and burning insence.

    Anyway, that tangling thing sort of seems like a thing that can be an active meditation. I have a book that has tons of different kinds of meditations…walking, running, etc. Not all of it is sitting still in silence, even though that works for me too. I think everyone outght to find their own. You will. 🙂

    Great stuff – sorry for the ice. We just got hammered with snow today. Blech.



    1. I haven’t run regularly since, geez, before Christmas. It’s been the snowiest, iciest winter I can recall. Somehow the last two winters (when I first took up running) were mild in comparison. Probably no coincidence that I’ve looked elsewhere for that peace and steadying of the mind. Thanks for what you said about meditation taking different forms. That was really helpful.


      1. I know – I have been inactive as well, and even though I rode my bike the other day in snowy weather, I haven’t since because of the ice. I think there is certainly a correlation between being active and serenity. This weather is throwing me off!


  7. Oh. Dear. God. Kristen.

    Thank you for this post. I normally post on Thursdays, but have been sooooooo (there should be several thousand more o’s to make it more realistic) bummed out with this weather, my mind refuses to think in writing form. Then I think, “just write that you are bummed out,” but then I think people would get sick of my bellyaching (so, instead, I’ll whine about it in your comment section instead).

    So I literally DRAG myself to the computer, and force myself to at least log onto WordPress, and I find this post, which, in my humble opinion, should be Freshly Pressed, that is how much it lifted my spirits. The fact that I laughed out loud several times, given my stormy mental state, should tell you how refreshing and how beneficial this piece has been to me.

    No school yesterday + Half day without power + 2-hour delay this morning + Husband travelling in Sunny Florida = Brain Mush

    Maybe by tomorrow I will have summoned enough energy? I hope so.

    In the meantime, I will be checking out Zentangle. Your daughter and my daughter are similar creatures, so if she liked it, I know mine will too. We have basketball tonight or I would be trying it out as soon as she gets home! Well, maybe if she doesn’t have a lot of homework, maybe a little “untangling” would help untangle the cobwebby recesses of my brain.

    As far as pineapples go, I will ashamedly admit I have never sliced one! Ridiculous, isn’t it? Now I feel compelled to go buy one and do it…

    I will say this for the weather… it does look beautiful, the icy trees. But then I think of the quarter million people STILL without power, and I can’t summon the optimism to go take the picture and record it. But it is pretty, I guess. And, a restaurant owner around the corner from me made it to the national news, so there’s something too!

    Enough of my rambling, thanks again for this much needed lift!


    1. So we had 3 snow days this week. I had two days off work because of no power at the office. We were really lucky at home, because there are still those without. Snow days sound fun, but you and I know how it is. I hope your husband had a lovely time in FL, and I’m only sorry you weren’t able to join him. Thank you for your kind comments, J.


  8. I’m the same page. keep trying meditation. keep not doing it. ack! i’ve been doing some guided meditation but tell myself, “that isn’t really meditation.” i’m curious what you’re using to learn about meditation: class, book,app?


    1. I took a class about a year ago and have done light, scattered reading on the subject. Others have recently recommended Om and Buddhify (apps); guided meditations by Rod Stryker and at Writings by Tara Brach. So many great recommendations coming right at me and no excuse not to keep trying. Good luck to you.


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