Not Running on Empty, Running On Sober: A Blogger Profile

My longest running friend is a girl I met in the bathroom in third grade. I’d splashed water on my shirt at the sink and said “Oh my god, my mom’s going to kill me” and my new friend nodded sympathetically and agreed that wet shirt = death at her house too. Nothing seals a friendship faster than shared fears, which is maybe why we bond so easily at times here in the sober trenches. It’s lighthearted fun, mostly, but the reason why we’re here in the first place is no laughing matter.

Christy and I bonded in spring of 2012 in the comments section of her blog, Running on Sober. I’m sure I lurked for awhile, but it was a post on moderating moderation where we officially “met”.

She wrote:

There are probably twenty times a day that I want to delete my blogging account (that’s dumb!, no one will read it, your words don’t make sense, you will be judged, what if your friends or family find out, what if you’re actually Successful?!, what if people depend on you…you name it, the extremist voices in my head have probably chattered about it). But at least I recognize those voices now, and I know They Lie.

Thankfully, Christy continued blogging. I am grateful for her everyday and proud to see her beautiful, grace-filled writing reach a wide audience.

I want  to share this beautiful tribute WordPress recently ran on Christy, a dear soul many of us are proud and lucky to call a friend.

Click on image above to continue to feature.

Not Running on Empty, Running On Sober: A Blogger Profile.

10 thoughts on “Not Running on Empty, Running On Sober: A Blogger Profile

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  1. Oooh this is great, how lovely of you to share. Christy is amazing .. but then so are you.. I love how you can take a simple bathroom scene from childhood and summarize a wonderful truth “nothing seals a friendship faster than shared fears” is a beautiful insight. xxx


  2. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship, support, sense of humor, voice of reason and strong shoulders. And for your beautiful, eloquent words. You are the graceful ballet dancer to my spazzy Elaine, and I love you like a sister. xoxo


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