2.5 years

Today was 2.5 years since my last drink, a decidedly unfestive lukewarm garage beer.

Here is my day in pictures.

Today I drank this.

photo 1

Not pictured are the popcorn and milk duds I ate while watching this with my girls.




That’s the part where Ralphie says to the witch, “Don’t bother me. I’m thinking.” Amen, Ralphie.

I bought a Saint Bernard today.

photo 5

He is only four inches tall, a tiny treat that made me disproportionately happy. Though I have to share him with her.

photo 4

2.5 years sober feels good. I feel lucky, blessed.

photo 3

Happy holidays!

29 thoughts on “2.5 years

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  1. On Solstice! The days just keep getting brighter from here on in. Salut!
    I survived party #3 last night, the booziest of the lot. I just kept dancing… Went home and dreamed of drinking, but woke up clear-headed again. Ain’t it great?


    1. My first day sober was the longest day of the year, so here’s to brighter days. Hope you’ll post about party #3 and wondering if you danced in shoes heisted from party #2. The dreams are weird, but fortunately rare.


    1. I’m finding the ginger, lemon and lime make this taste pretty good. I need to try kale instead of spinach, just not quite there yet. Also should probably ditch the milk duds and buttered popcorn.

      And thank you!


  2. The timing of this post was perfect Today I woke up thinking that it doesn’t necessarily get easier the longer you go. Today is day 12 for me and I still want a beer

    Thanks for the inspiration


    1. It’s completely normal at day 12 to still want a beer. I don’t think any of us would stick with it if it didn’t get easier. And not easier in the sense I thought at the time but more like better than I knew it could be. Hang in there.


  3. Happy Christmas! 🙂 I’ve been thinking of you, and also composing a 19 page email in my head about all sorts of random stuff. Now if I can just get it down on “paper”. I love random treats. Especially the ones you say yes too because you know that when you get home you’ll be sad that you didn’t get it and you might not be able to live without it. Y’all have the I’m blessed smiles beaming. 🙂


    1. Hey Amy. Happy Christmas to you too. Glad to hear from you and look forward to chatting later about all sorts of random stuff. Hope you are all well…really been enjoying your days of Christmas posts.


  4. The simple things in life are so sweet! I’ve started juicing and that picture makes my mouth water. Kale and pear are a great combination if you’re not sure about kale yet. Happy 2 and a half and merry holidays to you!


  5. 2.5 years looks almost as good on me as it does on you. You look marvelous, your day looks marvelous, your life looks marvelous. Merry Christmas, it looks like you’ve already got what you asked for!


  6. 2.5 years…. so incredibly awesome! Thanks for your generosity in showing me how it’s done. That green drink does not look appetizing to me, but the glass does, so pretty! The only thing prettier are the two beautiful women in the picture below it. I read this post and I am filled with happiness that I have gotten to know you, and that you are so peaceful during this holiday season. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your husband and the girls, and I hope we can plan a get-together early in 2014!

    Merry Christmas!



  7. I know the feeling! I feel so blessed as well and am looking forward to spending it in your very illustrious company as well as the other bloggers i’m fortunate enough to ‘know’ here! Keep up the good works, my friend, and have the best new year ever.


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