Drugs will kill your friends (repost)

I love when I find silly, crazy geniuses and later find out they’re sober. It’s like adopting a dog and one day you come home from work and he’s cooking dinner and cleaning up after himself. I knew I loved Rob Delaney, the “funniest person on twitter”, after he ruined Katy Perry for me. I’m not sure if I’m selling him with the twitter and Katy Perry thing, so just pretend he’s a dog you recently adopted who can cook and clean. And he’s sober. He’s also kind of raunchy, so read accordingly or not at all:

Drugs will kill your friends (repost)

11 thoughts on “Drugs will kill your friends (repost)

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  1. Thanks for sharing BBB…. It was a really good article. Funny, I feel the same way when I hear “celebrities or people in the media” say they are sober. Just yesterday an actress said she was sober and so was her 2nd husband. She had to be with someone who was sober too just like herself.


  2. I’m going to have to check out Rob Delaney on Twitter now. I checked out the Katy Perry TGIF you linked and that was freaking hilarious! Thanks for sharing!


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