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If you get new posts via email, you may have noticed this one was initially set to password protected. You may have noticed you did not have a password and maybe this drove you so crazy you tried random words or your third grade teacher’s name in hopes you could somehow access the wisdom surely contained therein. Or not. Long story short, I used to have another blog many years ago where I didn’t write about sobriety, mainly because I was not sober. Occasionally I did illustrated posts, which I found a lot of fun and challenging on account of the fact that I can’t draw. Recently a friend encouraged me to try my hand at something creative and challenging, and so the not-so-short-afterall story is I thought I was setting this illustrated post to private but instead it went out to subscribers and now I feel obligated to show you it was just me not having a clue how this whole internet thing works. p.s. the password was your fourth grade teacher’s name!

If I go into October 10 on my phone calendar, I can see the red shaded box clearly.

Audrey’s Picture Day!

Okay, I added the exclamation point just now, but it was definitely in there as a reminder.

I don’t know why the reminder didn’t remind me like I thought I’d set it up to do. I could blame a lot of things for why I forgot, but the fact is I did forget and I sent little Audrey to school on picture day dressed in a too-small t-shirt with a monbrow’d monster on the front and purple cape on the back.

While I was envisioning sending in this Audrey for picture day:


This is the Audrey the photographer got:


Nevermind that I can’t do pigtails to save my life and that she doesn’t even own a fancy-collared, button-up shirt, but I felt like I’d failed her as a mother. I’d sent her in dressed as that kid on the one day it would be captured in the yearbook, ie forever.

We got the pictures back last week and I’ve never seen her look so naturally happy in a photo. Her cowlick is neatly in place along with the rest of her hair. She’s smiling big enough to see the gap where her front tooth will one day come in, though not for awhile. You can see part of the cape and all of the monster’s monobrow and it seems clear that he too is a happy little monster.

I don’t think we’ll be needing Make Up Picture Day afterall.


19 thoughts on “Picture day

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  1. Those pics are ten times better than anything I can do, so celebrate that you can draw!

    I love this one – I can relate to this entirely. The youngest doesn’t mind getting dressed up. The oldest is like me – if he could wear t-shirts and shorts all year round, he would (and often does).

    Thanks for letting us into the vault here 🙂

    Love and light,


  2. I work in a school and am the “director of picture day.” I just finished make-up days and you’d be amazed at the number of beautiful, sweet smile photos that were returned in exchange for a retake. Some day they’ll be sorry they missed out on the cowlick picture. Good for you!


  3. I love your drawings! My son had his first picture day in preschool last year and I made him practice his smile so much that half his face looks paralyzed in the photo. Natural is definitely much better! 😉


  4. There is no doubt in my mind, when you flip through all of Audrey’s pictures, this one will be your favorite! I’m with everyone else… natural is soooo much better! Save the formal pix for a time she is required to dress up!

    And… what do you mean you’re can’t draw? I wish I could do my version of your picture to show you how a real “non-artist” draws! Save these pictures for when Audrey can appreciate!

    This post made me smile, thank you so much for sharing this story!


  5. Ah! I love this. Jack went to school as regular Jack on picture day too. I don’t like posed fake pictures that don’t even look like my kid. My MIL insists on taking the children to Portrait Innovations and giving us 27 million pictures of our children looking nothing like themselves.

    You are an awesome mom. 🙂


  6. The cape. The smile. Just great. Kids. I don’t know about you but somehow my kid has always been a big part of keeping me somehow grounded and reaching for the stars at the same time. And if it weren’t for him I might still be drinking.
    The drawings are terrific. Thank you.


  7. Yeah, well, sometimes the best part of parenting is letting things happen. Eschew that helicopter parent thing- as you evidently are! Kids are pretty awesome on their own- sometimes all it takes is for us as parents to get out of their way! (Parent to 15 yo daughter, 20 yo son, 21 yo daughter!


  8. i love it when life comes in and takes care of stuff for us! For me, this serves as a reminder that things work out well on their own, especially when i don’t try to force the outcome!


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