A lesson in hallucinations

In my last post, I may have glossed over the whole ‘being sick’ thing, because this morning I’m pretty sure I saw a bear driving a school bus.


I could blame this on the angle and intensity of the early morning sun, but the fact is I saw an emu carrying groceries through a side door while on a run two days before.


I had just finished hauling my decrepit body up a rather large hill when I saw the large bird and my first thought was “what is that emu doing?” and then “don’t be silly, that’s an ostrich not an emu.”

It was neither, but rather a woman wearing a down vest, leaning in to open a side door with an armload of groceries. It was around this point that I decided not to run 5 miles but shoot for 3 miles instead. I was not well.

I spent Saturday night and much of Sunday feverish and resting while my husband cleaned the house and raked the leaves and did other Cinderella-y things. I feel much better today, though still a bit wary after the bear-driving-a-bus thing.

Running can wait. Resting is harder, it seems.

21 thoughts on “A lesson in hallucinations

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  1. Love the drawings – the police sketch artist did a great rendering for you…ha ha.

    Yes – rest! Sometimes hard for us when we think that we should be superheroes getting Gotham all tidied up and running on time, etc. I have just recently started to learn that I don’t have to clean the entire house when I have a day off. Or organize the living bejesus out of the kitchen or reconcile the Northa and South Koreans. Or whatever it is I think I NEED to do. Sometimes I just need rest. Chill out. And not feel *bad* about it. I got that hand, foot, mouth disease a few weeks ago (I know, odd) and I had to stay home for a few days from work…and it was *odd* just resting. I squirmed inside at times, but I eventually got into it. The house didn’t fall apart, the neighbourhood was fine and my work didn’t burn down. Phew.

    Glad you got out there, K. I think the running has helped me relax in general. No coincidence that my ability to learn to relax a bit more comes on the heels (no pun intended) on me starting the whole running thing.

    I hope you feel better – continue to let hubby do the Cinderall stuff. Toss him a glass slipper when he’s done. 🙂


    P.S I will rest too these days. I decided to break in new running shoes on a 10K run. Not a good idea. I hope no one minds me wearing suede slippers when I go grocery shopping. lol.


    1. Post-it-note police sketch artist…just discovered another dream job I’ll never land…sigh.

      I’m sorry to hear you got sick. Crazy stuff going around this time of year, this one in particular it seems. And I know you’re far from alone in breaking in new shoes on a race. You’re officially a runner!


    1. It feels very hard and a constant work in progress. Some times it feels impossible and I guess this is when we have to work harder at it. Thanks for the reminder and wise words.


  2. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Only two more carnivores to go. I would blame it on my new contacts which I force myself to wear because I’m so vain and I don’t want to admit to the cap’n that I don’t really see as well out of them as I make out because he thinks I look perfectly fine in my glasses. I see better in the dorky things too. Get better and don’t push it, the lions and tigers are waiting for you if you do.


    1. I was wearing my dorky glasses on the run and, come to think of it, in the car when I saw the bear bus driver. I like to think glasses make me look smarter, though this is obviously not the case.


  3. A bear driving a bus is better than a beer driving a bus, which is how I first read it, haha. Hope you’re feeling better hun. Rest up! Or else.


  4. I think you’re on to something with the illustrations. Worth some consideration or at least experimentation. Hope you are feeling better. Have you had your flu shot?


  5. Hope you’re feeling better. I get bogged down with wanting to get everything done, and then never actually getting the things done. Or doing things, but they aren’t things I need to do. Or making too many plans and being to busy to do the things I need to do. I tend to procrastinate until there isn’t time for whatever thing I want to do. Jeez!

    But! I am getting that together, because all this waffling is making me cranky. 🙂


    1. Yippee – I’m such an idiot!!!

      For some reason my comments to your blog (and other peoples) are being considered as Spam. But I just need to log in as Google+ and it has worked! Blown my anonymity to hell but that happened a while back anyway… just happy to be commenting again!


      1. THERE you are! haha

        Anonymity is something I go in and out of anyway, and I’m just glad to see your smiling face and comments again. I have issues commenting on blogger, so I think it’s just that wordpress and blogger do not play well together. We are the ones who suffer, so I am really glad you were persistent!


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