I haven’t run in two weeks because last week I had a terrible cold and did something I’ve never done before, which is rest and sip hot tea, which felt suspiciously like progress until I realized I also felt hella guilty for not running. This week I haven’t run because it’s too dark in the morning and I can’t bring myself to wear a head lamp because I’m too afraid the neighbors will think I’m an early morning burglar in a hurry or more likely just ridiculous looking.

Sooo, instead of running to blow off steam, I rediscovered the joy of gratitude lists!

Here are some things that kept me sane (?) in the last week, and I am very grateful for them.

1) Playing McDonald’s drive-thru with my 5 year old, which is this game where I sit on the front porch and she pulls up in her purple big wheel and I pretend the one cat that stares at us from the window is my manager and the other cat is preparing the food and that’s why she can’t see her, and basically we eat apples and caramel dip and everyone has a job and we’re happy. I know she can’t be having as much fun as when I was little and my dad pretended the wagon was not only a car that flipped over but also the ambulance that came to my rescue, but my game does involve caramel dip.

2) Dancing! I hadn’t danced since Prom night 1991 when one of my friends on the dance floor astutely but insensitively noted that it looked like I was doing aerobics, but last weekend I said to hell with that and swung my kid around the dance floor at oktoberfest and had so much fun I never missed the beer I wasn’t drinking. Highly recommend dancing like you just don’t care.

3) My husband, who just texted: Found a dollar in a cemetery, think it’s haunted? And no, I have no idea why he’s in a cemetery in the middle of the day or why he thinks there’s a chance that dollar isn’t haunted. Also he’s the one who pretended our one cat yelled g-g-g-ghost! as he ran out of the room suddenly like cats do, and now I can’t stop thinking about it and it always cheers me right up.

I am grateful for at least two more things, including health insurance and a car that’s still under warranty, but I don’t have any fun side-anecdotes about those. Mostly I’m grateful I have so much to be grateful for, which is really the whole point of a gratitude list.

What are you grateful for today? (You can say running, but just know you’ll make me feel a little sad and guilty, though I can always think about the g-g-ghost thing again and cheer right back up.)

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  1. Im grateful for bloggers like yourself and the others I have discovered. Im grateful I have my health and my children are healthy. Im grateful I am not alone in this journey. Hopefully we will both back to our running routines soon 😉


  2. Today I am grateful for my Mawmaw (grandmother). She is visiting to help keep me sane and the kids clean & fed. I have two sick kids at home, and normally that would mean mommy had to stay home from work. Not today! Mawmaw to the rescue. She can kiss away their illness just as good as me. Yeah, I am grateful she is healthy, happy, and willing to put up with me for a few weeks.


  3. I am so grateful for this very moment, because not only am I savoring a delicious post from a favorite blogger, but I’m also savoring a delicious plate of pancakes. I’m also grateful for paper plates that don’t need to be washed, and my microwave because, duh, microwavable pancakes.

    I feel like I should mention running, but since I’ve not run much either, I’m grateful for you reminding me it’s okay and that dancing is perfectly acceptable cardio.

    Oh and cookies. Just because they make me happy.

    And you. Same reason.


  4. Kids, Grandparents who are going to look after/spoil kids this weekend so I have time with my husband who I am grateful for too. Grateful for cake and shopping treats to replace wine and cocktails this wend! Grateful for all my support network that keeps me sober!
    Hope you can run soon. Carrir


  5. Dancing!!! I’m grateful that I am physically able to dance. It is impossible to dance and not feel happy to be alive!
    I’m also grateful that someone had the good sense to discover that the cocoa bean produced chocolate which is so tasty and fills my mouth with joy.
    I’m grateful for the pleasure of a child’s company even if it’s through remembering the fun things I played at with my son when HE was five.
    I’m grateful that I remembered to check my WordPress Reader and found this post, because now I’m feeling all warm and happy in spite of the dip in temperature outside.
    And I am most grateful that I am meeting such lovely, lovely people here. Y’all restore my faith in the universe.


    1. I’m going to try and do more of this dancing. You have the right attitude about it. I’m really glad to have found your blog (through Christy’s, I believe) and love the way this community expands and the connections branch out.


  6. I am grateful to read all these gratitude lists. I am a sucker for other people’s grat lists. Love them. Says a lot about the person.

    All those things you rhymed off there BBB sound awesome. I like the drive thru part. We sometimes do ice cream truck deliveries and we get all the ice cream we want (oh to dream…)

    Thank you for sharing this…and for everyone else who shared – what a wonderful thing we all get to do 🙂

    Love and light,


  7. I’m grateful that I can still have dark chocolate and that even though I’m in a grumpy season, I know I won’t be stuck here forever. I’m grateful for my vacuum cleaner which is going to be put to use later and that my daughter finally pooped. Thanks for #1 on your list. We’ll play that game later!


  8. We danced last weekend at a wedding for about two hours straight. So fun. The music was amazing funk and soul music from a live band. Afterwards, some people came up to meet us and invited us to their party next week (I guess because we looked so fun and awesome and maybe a little strange) but we had to sadly tell them we were from out of town. I’m grateful for the whole fun weekend, but the strangers wanting to make friends us was the random thing that makes me smile.


  9. I am grateful to be living in Paris and to have a job where I get to show people around and be part in their holiday. I am grateful that today I went to Versailles, my job is basically walking around one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.
    I am grateful for the iPod I am listening to, for the Blues singer Matt Andersen for making me dance around my room (no-one can see you, pure joy.)
    I am grateful to have found your blog. And for comments sections!


  10. I am definitely grateful for this post – love it! Love your crazy husband and his hilarious graveyard text. Definitely grateful today for my laptop and a quiet house and the opportunity to catch up on my lovely favourite bloggers posts.. so much optimism and hope and strength out there in the online sober community tonight. xxxx


  11. Grateful that on this Halloween i’m sitting here sober, reading sober blogs and sober blogging. i’m grateful 1) i’ll wake up tomorrow *morning* and 2) that i’ll feel nothing except well rested and ready when i do. Wish i could send you the running energy i never use!


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