Summer update

Note to future self: next time you’re feeling a little blue, go on vacation and get kittens! Well, don’t get kittens on vacation because kittens hate car rides, but otherwise stick to those two things and in that order.

And that is what I’ve been up to and kind of why I’ve been posting less, though I think it’s also cyclical life stuff and I write and comment a lot and then feel burnt out and disconnected and also completely lacking in kittens. I assume this cycle only happens once every 15-20 years but I guess I’ll find out.

My husband swore he could see a triple rainbow but I only saw a double, and maybe I just need to give it time because I didn’t even know double rainbows existed until like a year ago.

The vacation: It was fabulous and we rode bikes all week and got mud spray on our clothes from flooded streets and also sunburns (occasionally on the same day!) and saw reminders of hope everywhere, like toddling ducklings and double rainbows. Vacation can be a trigger for me to miss drinking, but the one time I rode my bike past this cool outdoor bar on the water and thought “that looks nice”, I then rode past a young woman sitting waist deep in water at the edge of a boat ramp, head bent down and fully clothed while clutching a beer bottle in her hand and thought “oh yeah…that.” So I arrived a tense ball of nerves and left in a relaxed and grateful state of mind. Yay vacations!

The kittens: About halfway through the eleventeen hour drive home, I remembered all the stuff I’d managed to forget on vacation, like bills and work and the fact that we weren’t coming home to any kittens. So the next day we went out and fixed that by adopting two adorable little monsters who hissed at each other and hid under furniture for the next 24 hours, during which time I seriously doubted kittens were a cure for anything except maybe lack of worry.

A week later, they are best of friends and we are completely smitten with both. Sylvester is the black and white cat, and his hobbies include playing fetch and jumping up on the table to lick unattended food. Zillie is the grey one, who incidentally does have ears (not pictured), and she is possibly the sweetest girl cat I’ve ever known. The kids are enjoying cats they can actually play with and hold and I’m back to thinking kittens are the answer to a lot of life’s problems, especially furniture that doesn’t have enough scratch marks.

So what’s new with you? Are you having a good summer so far? (or winter as the case may be.) Sure hope so. If not, try vacations or kittens, but remember not at the same time. xoxo

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  1. Been a busy time – move to part time working, Son graduating, Son to move out of old flat, daughter looking at universities across the country, Mum-in-law not well etc. etc. I just read this post and thought – I have not booked any time off at all for summer. We hadn’t booked anything partly due to all the stuff going on – but I looked saw a clear week in terms of work is quiet and others are in to cover me and so I’ve booked the time off – now… we should go away… hopefully on our own now the “kids” are old enough to look after themselves.


    1. I’m happy to hear you booked the time off. You’ll thank yourself when that time comes. Sounds like a lot of lovely life things going on, though sorry to hear about your mum-in-law and hope her health improves.


  2. Maybe next time, get the kittens before vacation, so you can appreciate going that much more!

    My summer sucks, so thanks for letting me enjoy yours vicariously!


  3. Working working working…it’s our busy time. I desperately need a vacation and may get some time off next month – but I won’t see the “real deal” until Christmas. THAT’s when I get to unwind for real.

    I love kittens…too bad they grow up to be cats. Now puppies? Puppies I can do! But I’ve been banned from Pet Finders dot com so we’ve got all we’re getting for awhile.

    You however look amazing and I’m so happy you had a great vacation! And those little faces look irresistable…even to me.



    1. Our busy season is early fall, so I feel bassackwards taking a vacation before the stress storm. Oh well.

      lol on petfinders ban…I understand and am imposing my own as well.


  4. You do look amazing in all your sober sunkissed glory. How fabulous. Kittens! What fun. I love your sober life for you on your behalf. Thanks for thinking of us here in winter, frost on the car yesterday morning, gloves and scarves and running to the car late at night when the rain is coming down. I could go on about my life (house buying stress, psycho relatives, insomnia) but I won’t.. I love yours too much so I’m just going to look at your healthy glow and your lovely bundles of feline joy and feel happy. xxxx


    1. I get the insomnia too and struggle on and off. Frost on the car sounds downright heavenly (upper 90s here…not celsius of course or I’d be on fire), so I’ll just take this as a reminder that the grass is always greener. Best wishes on the house hunting and relatives. The former at least sounds like it could be fun. xoxo


  5. Now I see where you’ve been. I didn’t know double rainbows existed until I read your post! Summer good here and enjoying the kids and work. Go figure. I love your furry babies. So, so cute.


  6. I love kittens! We adopted a 2 year old cat last December and I wish we would’ve gotten a kitten. That sounds horrible but she’s mentally ill and it’s a long story. Our summer is sadly vacation free but my kids wrestle like kittens, so there’s that. What an incredible rainbow picture!


    1. A couple posts ago you said something about waiting for the other shoe to drop. Yesterday when I got home, I realized one (or both?) of our kittens is peeing on our new couch. It felt more like a boot than a shoe, but I just wanted to say that adopting a kitten is not without behavioral challenges.

      Enjoy your children-kittens this summer!


  7. What an incredible picture of you! When I read that your husband swore he could see a triple rainbow…I thought “yes…the third rainbow is YOU”!!! Corny I know…ha ha….but so true how beautiful you look!! Then I thought that you are the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!” ha ha! I should write for Hallmark! Glad to hear that you got away and had a nice vacation with your family. I am about to go on my first beach vacation, sober, next month and on the day we arrive it will be my ONE YEAR soberversary!!! I am feeling excited…like what an awesome reward for one year….but tempted too. I always loved having wine on the beach. Hope I see that the beach is more beautiful without wine, like you did!


    1. Oh I am so happy for you for your ONE YEAR soberversary and that you’ll be on vacation for it! I hope you’ll treat yourself to something special to remember it. The first beach vacation I took sober, I was worried about the triggers and then I remember it being wonderful. Not to say I didn’t miss drinking, but it wasn’t this cloud that hung over. I recall I appreciated the things I’d missed while drinking or hungover more. Wishing you a wonderful trip and just so happy for you.


  8. Great pic – love it! I didn’t see the third rainbow…and Katherine’s comment, albeit cornball, was pretty funny. Nice to see ya there! Glad to hear about the little trip and the wee kitties. I am a cat person, although I haven’t had one in decades…lol. So I get ya on the little fur balls. You look and sound vibrant.

    Love and light



    1. I assure you he meant an actual rainbow, lol, and I could sort of make out what he meant, but it involved concentrating and counting and felt too much like math.


  9. You haven’t seen the “double rainbow all the way” guy? He is so happy and well- here:

    My summer has been OK. I love kittens. And vacations. Glad summer is treating you nice. 🙂


    1. I hadn’t seen that in some time and needed the refresher in what it’s like to truly appreciate something amazing. Thank you. Glad your summer is going good.


  10. It has been too long since I also took a break, and I definitely need it. My husband and I will be visiting Santa Fe soon (a longtime dream of mine) only problem is he enjoys drinking every night. I hate the way it leaves me behind, so I don’t look forward to the vacation evenings. I love reading your posts they give me a glimmer of hope that one day we can be alcohol-free.


    1. My husband drinks too and that is always tougher on vacation. Reminds me of how it used to be. I went to bed early and read a lot and then got up early to write or run or just have coffee by myself on the porch. It was harder at the beginning of vacation and then by the end, it just felt like something I could do forever and not feel sad or resentful.


  11. So, of course I need to ask the question… have you seen the double rainbow youtube video? If you are somehow just talking about double rainbows, and not referencing this video, you need to stop what you are doing, this instant, and go watch it, you will laugh even harder now that you are in a picture of one. Which was a great pic, and glad to hear you are doing so well, and have expanded your family!

    I did think of you, as I walked into Virgil’s on Times Square over the 4th of July, and ordered the most delicious barbecue nachos ever!

    Shoot, just looked up and saw Amy referenced the video, but still you need to watch!

    So, so glad to hear from you!


    1. I saw that video shortly before I saw my first double rainbow in real life. No way my reaction was as awesome as that guy’s.

      Those nachos sound delicious! Glad you got there on your trip.


  12. i have a lot of work at the moment but i’ll be off in about two weeks and at least the weather here has gotten summery, thanks for asking. Your post, on the other hand, has enough cuteness to hold me over until i leave! And i see the 3rd rainbow your husband is talking about…she’s the one wearing the sunglasses!


  13. It’s just after noon. Woke up at 6:30 for a Saturday morning business meeting over coffee and pound cake. Felt hung over. Must have been a phantom pain. Alone in the office finishing up some work details. Listening to Pearl Jam’s, “Better Man”. Little speakers turned as far right as they’ll go. I feel sorry for the guy in the song. Wondering if I am like that guy but then know I’m not. Disappointment comes and goes, unannounced. Oh well, the pound cake was an unexpected pleasure. Moist, lemon flavored. Thank God for the unexpected rainbows in this life. Happy you had a good vacation, welcome home. Keep smiling.


  14. I’m new to your blog, so first up…hi 🙂
    I enjoyed your post, especially about your reminders of hope. Sometimes the world can feel so bleak and a random thing happens that reminds me it ain’t all that bad. Like your rainbows. And my gloriously cool and heavy rain shower after a fortnight of heat. And my 2 year old daughter laughing so hard I wonder whether she’ll pop!


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