Summer update

Note to future self: next time you’re feeling a little blue, go on vacation and get kittens! Well, don’t get kittens on vacation because kittens hate car rides, but otherwise stick to those two things and in that order.

And that is what I’ve been up to and kind of why I’ve been posting less, though I think it’s also cyclical life stuff and I write and comment a lot and then feel burnt out and disconnected and also completely lacking in kittens. I assume this cycle only happens once every 15-20 years but I guess I’ll find out.

My husband swore he could see a triple rainbow but I only saw a double, and maybe I just need to give it time because I didn’t even know double rainbows existed until like a year ago.

The vacation: It was fabulous and we rode bikes all week and got mud spray on our clothes from flooded streets and also sunburns (occasionally on the same day!) and saw reminders of hope everywhere, like toddling ducklings and double rainbows. Vacation can be a trigger for me to miss drinking, but the one time I rode my bike past this cool outdoor bar on the water and thought “that looks nice”, I then rode past a young woman sitting waist deep in water at the edge of a boat ramp, head bent down and fully clothed while clutching a beer bottle in her hand and thought “oh yeah…that.” So I arrived a tense ball of nerves and left in a relaxed and grateful state of mind. Yay vacations!

The kittens: About halfway through the eleventeen hour drive home, I remembered all the stuff I’d managed to forget on vacation, like bills and work and the fact that we weren’t coming home to any kittens. So the next day we went out and fixed that by adopting two adorable little monsters who hissed at each other and hid under furniture for the next 24 hours, during which time I seriously doubted kittens were a cure for anything except maybe lack of worry.

A week later, they are best of friends and we are completely smitten with both. Sylvester is the black and white cat, and his hobbies include playing fetch and jumping up on the table to lick unattended food. Zillie is the grey one, who incidentally does have ears (not pictured), and she is possibly the sweetest girl cat I’ve ever known. The kids are enjoying cats they can actually play with and hold and I’m back to thinking kittens are the answer to a lot of life’s problems, especially furniture that doesn’t have enough scratch marks.

So what’s new with you? Are you having a good summer so far? (or winter as the case may be.) Sure hope so. If not, try vacations or kittens, but remember not at the same time. xoxo

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