Sometimes I get bored

I’ve yet to buy a single item for my fall wardrobe, but I felt like a change so switched themes on this here blog, which is the equivalent of getting a magenta bob with really short bangs and expecting people to still recognize you. But it’s still me. Byebyebeer. The name I can never change even though it sounds like I came up with it while I was still drinking. (I wasn’t.)

I also added my picture back to gravatar. I had one up awhile back, but then I changed email addresses for the blog and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to reattach a picture. Then I figured it out, but I uploaded an arty picture of a swimming pool instead. I can be very mysterious.

Then I decided feck it, this is who I am and I’ve done far worse things in life than not drinking. In fact, I did many of those worse things while drinking.

So that’s my explanation for the extreme blog makeover. Carry on.

13 thoughts on “Sometimes I get bored

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha πŸ™‚ this is so me. i keep thinking about changing my blog theme, and then i get worried that people are like me and won’t know it’s me (well barely makes any sense). maybe i should be brave. like you. ack.


  2. I love the new look and your gravatar. I realized the other day when you were kind enough to follow my business page that I was logged into the wrong account when I was reading my recovery blogs. My gravatar pictures are so similar that I didn’t catch the mistake right away. Damn those gravatars! Oh well, like you said, not drinking isn’t the craziest thing I’ve ever done (publically).


  3. I too love the look and the picture. Both very classy! Magenta would look good on you; I always wanted to do a bright purple (yes, really) just haven’t. Yet. But I may put up a picture. One day. Because you went and inspired me and all that.

    I get really bored too; fortunately my random thoughts keep me well entertained.

    Um. You know there’s mixed up eggs and flour in cookies already right? I’ve been thinking all day how to do a scrambled egg biscuit cookie, then I was like, duh! That’s a trick question. You silly girl! (but I haven’t given up the thought yet- I’ll be considering it Sunday for sure!) xoxo

    Ps- you’re beautiful!


    1. You’re too sweet to me. And no, I hadn’t made the connection between scrambled eggs and biscuits and what cookies are made from anyway. I like the idea of a dark chocolate chip and bacon cookie – heavy on the chocolate and salt, light on the bacon. I do love bacon, I’m just not a risk taker. I also wish I could channel your random thoughts and energy level too. If wishes were fishes and all that.


  4. Now should I do a spring – sorry autumnal clear out on my blog? I don’t have a different wardrobe – I just put a rugby shirt over the t-shirt as it gets colder then a fleece over that once it is colder still! What a male comment! πŸ™‚


  5. Love the changes like everybody else. I just read “My Story”, it could have been my story word for word, although it would have happened a decade or two earlier judging from your lovely, dewy (damn you), gravatar, yep, I can tell you gave up drinking at a younger age, smart girl. “Our Story” is probably most people’s story, we keep drinking more and more trying to get back to that 7th grade experience, it worked about as well as those over the counter miracle wrinkle remover creams I have umpteen various and assorted jars of. Keep spreading the word, girlie, you do it so well.


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