Sweetest ride

Sometimes when you let go and go with the flow, the rewards are pretty awesome.

We were on a road trip tonight and the kids were all “we want to stop now” and “how come you never feed us?” My brain told me to keep driving to stay ahead of traffic but my gut told me to stop. So we stopped. As I was eating a curly fry, this rolled by…a sign from above…my just reward for going with the flow.


May your weekend be filled with unexpected ease and happiness.


5 thoughts on “Sweetest ride

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  1. A few years ago there was a contest and the prize was that you got to drive the weinermobile for a day. Wouldn’t you love to pull up to your kids’ school in this, depending on their age, you would either be uber-cool, or you would embarrass them to death. Priceless.


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