$5 pretzels and (free) double rainbows

Inspired by Below Her Means, here is a Bits and Pieces post:

I just got back from vacation. I didn’t relapse or ditch this blog. I just feel weird announcing to the world when I go on vacation. Not that you’re the type to rob me. Not that I have anything to rob if you were. I’m just weird.

I went to Disney World, where my husband and I witnessed two random, completely unrelated physical altercations between parents and their adult children in one day. It may be the happiest place on earth, but that expectation puts an incredible strain on visitors.

Pictures taken at Disney turn out better than at normal places. The clouds are puffier and everything smells nicer too. Soft pretzels shaped like Mickey’s head cost $5 and there’s fistfights, so it’s not all sunshine and lollipops.

I thought very little about recovery on vacation. I didn’t go to any recovery meetings, though that’s not unusual for me. I didn’t think about drinking or not-drinking much at all. Maybe I was just too busy. It was pretty nice.

I’ve been thinking of scaling back here because I have less to say. I think this is normal but I don’t want anyone to think I’ve relapsed. Is there anything scarier than seeing a sober blogger suddenly vanish?

That being said, I’m starting to feel the cyclical nature of sober blogging. I remember going to a recovery meeting when I had less than 2 weeks and seeing a woman stand to take her 9 month coin and thinking that seemed impossibly far away. Now it feels like a long time ago. In blogging, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing newer newcomers come in and gain 9 weeks or 90 days or 9 months. They share their experience and hope with the even newer newcomers. And so on.

This is the really comforting thing about recovery, whether in meetings or online. No matter where we are, there is always this safe place to go and be understood. There is always someone who has already been through whatever you’re going through now, ready to help. Don’t be afraid to speak up. The sober community is filled with amazing people. I’ve never known anything like it.

Finally, I leave you with this picture of a double rainbow, which I saw with my very own eyes. They’re real!

10 thoughts on “$5 pretzels and (free) double rainbows

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  1. I have so enjoyed your postings. Thank you for being a part of my recovery.

    Life goes on, and we all change and grow and all that jazz. Different things take on different levels of importance.

    Whether you stay, go, or just scale back, know that you’ve made a notch in my life and I’ll always be grateful.

    Double rainbows… Beautiful and inspiring. Kinda like you.


  2. I came to your party late but I’ve loved your insightful posts and your inspiring support. If you taper off here and start a new blog elsewhere on a different topic, be sure to let us know. I love the way you write.


  3. Two physical fights in Disney World! That is so looney!

    I love how you really didn’t think about boozing one way or the other. Very cool to not have to out up with all of the distraction and obsessing that goes with the drinking.

    Love what you wrote about with the sober blogging community. You’re so right: there’s nothing like it!

    Nice pic!



    1. The colors are reversed on the second rainbow, which is also much lighter. It came after a monster storm. I still don’t know what any of this means, just wanted to share.


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