Apple Cart

I guess I’m starting to understand what people mean by white knuckling it. Before I never thought it applied because I work a spiritual program of recovery. I have coins and everything!

Without going into details that frankly bore and confuse me, we occasionally sell some stuff on amazon and I’m dealing with a douchey buyer. It happens. I know this already. What I didn’t know – had no freaking clue – was that I had an apple cart and it’s been upset because that’s what happens to apple carts.

Maybe people shouldn’t have apple carts? You push it over a big enough bump and those apples are coming down in a terrible avalanche no matter how excellently you engineer fruit pyramids. But what about the small bumps… the tiny pebbles in the road, really? I think I have too many small stressors going on right now. Most of them are really good, but stress is stress, I guess.

Like I said, I didn’t even know I had an apple cart until recently. Before I shrugged the little stuff off because I didn’t care about it. This part is good, this caring thing.

I still don’t know if any of my apples are salvageable because douchey buyers are terrible about responding to email. Thinking about apple carts has made me feel better. I still say there’s got to be a better way to transport apples, but it is kind of funny in that moment after the terrible avalanche and all the rolling stops and you think, wait, these are just apples.

update: I feel bad calling him douchey because he got back to me and those apples are barely bruised. I can probably still make a pie out of them.Β 

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  1. I have an apple cart that I didn’t know I had either! For me, it’s been the “perfect storm” of apples this week. What would normally be a few minor bumps have almost knocked me off course. Great analogy!


  2. Ooh I love a good logic word problem. Here are some possible solutions:
    A) Get a bigger wagon
    B) Get TWO bigger wagons (that’s what we Alcoholics do!)
    C) Get fewer apples
    D) Monkeys like apples, right? Leave the fallen apples for the monkeys.
    E) On second thought, pick up all the fallen apples and throw them at the damn monkeys for tapping on your glass. Plus apple throwing is great exercise! Think of all the calories you’d burn- that’s a lot of cookies.
    F) Unhither yourself from your cart and strut away into the sunset. You’ll feel a thousand pounds lighter.
    G) G is for gratitude. Be happy you have apples and a cart at all. Some have to carry their apples on their head in a basket. Talk about basket case.
    H) Hahahaha. Just laugh it off, knowing you don’t have to drink over it. Then move on. That’s then, this is now. Enjoy the now and laugh. πŸ˜€



      1. Haha, I think you just did.

        Here, this is me liking your comment back:

        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Sometimes a smile (or three) says it better than any words.


  3. Pie is one of the best apple delivery systems I can think of. Maybe some ice cream for packing material…..

    Thanks for this. I’m having a bit of an upset apple cart moment myself, so this made me smile.


  4. Yeah … not sweating the small stuff. I never used to either. But some days one tiny little thing can happen and I feel all off balance. It is really bloody annoying .. I try lots of positive thinking .. but it’s just part of being raw and sober I figure. Great post. xxx


  5. Like what Mrs. D said. What I am reading here also is you are applying Rule 62 “don’t take yourself so damn seriously”. Some daze I forget to apply Rule 62 but when I do oh much easier the day flows and my serenity states in tact.


  6. I love this post and everyone’s comments. Wish I had read this an hour ago before my very top-heavy apple cart just hit the skids.

    Let’s just I made a big mess and some is wearing applesauce!

    Need to remember rule 62. Or do what Kristy suggests: get a second apple cart.


  7. “stress is stress” I relate to that!

    I love the postscript to this as ever the issue is the thing being out of your control.


  8. Hey girl, just checking in with ya. I’ve been mulling over a post for tomorrow about “Making Pies.” made me think of you and your apples.

    Hopefully you got them all scooped up, thrown at others when needed, and are rocking out the apple pie buffet. Be well my friend. xoxo


    1. Hey friend! I was away last week so that’s why I’ve been quiet. Had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for checking in. Can’t wait to read your post and hope you are well too! xoxo


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