Well, that happened

It’s been a stressful week. Oddly, most of these things have not involved me directly, but I’ve felt them just the same. I’m not really one to quote prayers, but the line in the Serenity prayer about accepting the things I cannot change comes to mind.

There’s been work junk and underhanded Machiavellian moves (thanks, Joe, love that word!) and other small, random sad things. A couple blogs I dug just closed up shop and went away. One clear night, the neighbors across the street lost a tree that must have been 5 million years old. If a tree crashes to the ground while you’re taking a shower but no one sees it fall, your husband will come upstairs and ask you what the hell you’re doing in the shower. After your name is cleared, you will feel sad for all the displaced squirrels.

I know, none of this makes much sense, but this week has me feeling like an antennae for gloom and the good news is I know it will pass. The bad stuff always does. Yesterday when I was feeling blue, I told my husband how I was feeling and then walked over and kissed my baby’s big fat cheeks while she was eating grapes and trying to act annoyed with me. That’s what it’s all about.

Got my 1 year coin at a meeting Tuesday and a friend surprised me with a book on gratitude, which is funny because that’s what my last post was about, and a cake that was so delicious I gained two pounds this week. My husband got me this coin holder keyring, which I feel is very sharp.

I guess this week wasn’t so bad afterall.



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  1. That is what it’s all about. You just have to kiss big sticky fat cheeks and keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is beautifully written and I do follow you somewhat, with the shower and the tree thing .. that sounds full on! Lovely little observances about being present and involved in all the little things. BIG congratulations on one year. Roll on the next 20 xxx


  2. Happy 1st birthday – I hope you get to celebrate many many more.

    Was your husband rushing to your aid in the not-actually-a-shower-related-incident or just shouting “Hey, what the **** you doing in there?” 🙂 I trust it was the former


  3. Thinking of you… I hope the sun is shining a little brighter for you today.
    Squirrels are quite resilient, I’m sure they’ll find another tree. You are sounding quite resilient too. 😉
    What a great gift from your husband!
    Ooh and cake! YUM! Did you ever see this posting at Hyperbole and a Half? It always makes me laugh to think about it. It even makes me think about my crazy drinking days and what I would do to try to get a drink. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/10/god-of-cake.html


  4. I love the word Machiavellian – reminds me of one of my favorite Jon Stewart quotes:

    Machiavelli on himself:
    “Call me a dreamer, but one day my name will be an adjective for everything cynical & untrustworthy in human nature”

    -Jon Stewart’s ‘America (the Book)’

    Change is hard, giving up control and not wanting to control it is even harder… you’re doing fine 🙂


    1. Great quote and comment. I am reminded of a business/corporate satire I read several years ago, “What Would Machiavelli Do?” Gotta say, I don’t miss working in the corporate world at all.


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