Drunk dreams

Last night I had a drunk dream, the first in probably six months. In it, my husband and I had bought some sort of rundown Shoney’s or gas station or maybe a dilapidated version of the Howard Johnsons with the orange sherbet in a recent episode of Madmen. Whatever the setting was supposed to be, my husband pulled out an old bottle of whiskey from underneath the counter and offered it to me and I drank it. I never liked whiskey, yet in the dream I was disappointed when I realized the bottle was only a quarter full and that I would not be getting any more. Then I thought “well a little bit is better than none at all” which is where my dream self and awake self part ways, for sure.

Why did I have a drunk dream after so many months without, and why did I actually drink in this one? When I had them in the early days of sobriety, I would order a wine at some chaotic reception but then invariably remember “oh yeah, I don’t drink anymore” and put it back untouched. In this dream, I drank the whiskey and only afterwards realized I had just ruined a nice stretch of sobriety.

The only trigger I can think of is that I’m going with my family tonight to eat at a brewpub in town. I’ve been to this place a few times since I quit drinking, but not in months. Even in my drinking days, I liked this place better for its food than its beer because they do more experimental brews, such as beer aged in whiskey barrels. Which is probably where the whiskey dream came from. My subconscious is embarrassingly transparent.

Of course it’s okay for me to have dinner at a brewpub with my family. It wouldn’t feel right if I went by myself or if I went all the time, but I have to work the new non-drinking me back into the old routines. It’s not all about me. This flexibility feels important for growth.

Last night I wondered out loud when I was going to get to exercise today because of our dinner plans and my husband said “why don’t you work out in the morning?” First I thought of all the reasons why that idea sucked because I wasn’t the one to come up with it, but then I realized it made a lot of sense. So this morning I got up early and wrote for a half hour at the kitchen table and then ran for a half hour in the mist and fog, and now I feel fantastic.

Getting exercise has been important to me for roughly the last six years, save for the time I was pregnant with my youngest and incidentally got as big as a house. But I have never done it the same way for any length of time. Sometimes I do it at night, sometimes in the morning, sometimes right after work. I’ve done the elliptical, the treadmill, I’ve walked, I’ve run…the point is I have to be flexible or I won’t find the time to exercise. I have to change up how I exercise or I’ll get burnt out and I won’t want to do it anymore.

Sobriety feels like that too. I don’t mean that I have to eat at brewpubs to stay sober. I just mean I have to rediscover things that are fun and I can’t live my life based on fear. If I keep the end goal the same but stay flexible in how I get there, maybe sobriety will continue to be as rewarding as it is today.

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  1. I have the occasional drinking dreams too. It’s always interesting to try to understand them; some days I think I know why I had them, other days I am clueless.
    I laughed when I read, “I thought of all the reasons why that idea sucked because I wasn’t the one to come up with it…” I have to admit I can relate to that one too! It’s a sign of growth to say, “you know what? That’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?”
    I’m happy to have found you via theactofreturningtonormal.com ! I look forward to reading your shares. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Exercise is so important isn’t it. I’ve got a great gym here and I go 3 mornings a week and put my little guy into the play room for an hour – he loves it. I’m very worried about the move because there is no gym in the neighbourhood where I am going to be living and I know that if I let it slide I will start feeling like shit. I have never tried running because I have flat feet and big boobs. Maybe I should get a tighter top to go over my sports bra and try it out. Great post as always. How was the dinner out? xxxx


  3. I so recognized myself in my drunk dreams when you wrote ” I drank the whiskey and only afterwards realized I had just ruined a nice stretch of sobriety.” I rarely dream about alcohol, but the few times that I did I had enormous regrets in my dreams and though of how I had ruined all that hard work through recovery.

    Good for you getting out on a run in the morning! It’s a wonderful trait to allow one self to have a re-think, and so is flexibility.

    Thank you so much for this inspiring post!


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