sobriety makes you see better too


If you don’t wear contacts, this post will make even less sense than usual, but last night I was taking out my contacts and it occurred to me that in the last 10 months I’ve never opened up the little blue case in the morning and been all “where did that little fucker go?”

I can’t tell you how many times I thought I got both contacts in their respective saline chambers but then found one shriveled up on the bathroom counter like a worm on an august afternoon.

Just another reminder how life is easier and richer now that I’m not drunkenly clawing at my eyeballs while weaving to and fro in front of the bathroom mirror.

4 thoughts on “sobriety makes you see better too

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  1. I can soooo relate to that! Made me laugh because it’s so true & I never thought of that as being a positive in my sober life! Thank you.


    1. Or, as a friend recently said in a meeting, ‘having to check the car for dents, leaves or maybe a (flattened) person.”

      I don’t wear contacts but I can totally identify with this post. Not *absolutely requiring* sunglasses even when it is barely dawn or almost dark out is a similar bonus.

      Grateful to be sober today!


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