Holiday weekends are real triggers for me, but by now I recognize this. Besides, the mild weather made me miss smoking on my porch more than I missed drinking, though I wasn’t completely off the hook.

I got off work early on Good Friday and used the free half day to go grocery shopping and clean out my closet. I know, sober life is exciting. On my way to the grocery store, I thought how a year ago I would’ve hit the bar down the road from my office first for a little holiday weekend kickoff that would have ultimately made grocery shopping even more tedious. My kind of drinking fit with the kind of life where I could weave home from the bar and commence to porch drinking and smoking and nothing else. I am glad I never got that life, though eventually I would have.

Last Easter was different too. We went to brunch in the morning and I remember I had two beer mimosas (don’t ask) and several drafts and then I loaded my kids and a surly, stinky groundhog into my car and drove to a nature preserve. The story isn’t as interesting as the previous sentence might imply, it was just that this memory was sharp and fuzzy at the same time in the way a lot of my memories were from my last year of drinking. I carry a lot of regret at how reckless I had become. I had a lot of luck I do not deserve.

Last Easter

This Easter we had brunch and then took a leisurely stroll around serene gardens, and the only regret I have to live with is how much candy I ate in the afternoon. But this is something I can live with.

This Easter

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  1. Yes you did deserve that luck because look where you are now! And don’t underestimate the good feeling cleaning out a closet can give you. Happy Easter, hope you’re not eating too much chocolate! xxxx


  2. Hahaa never did I think that I’d read a sentence such as this one “…and then I loaded my kids and a surly, stinky groundhog into my car and drove to a nature preserve”.

    The luck that you write that you don’t deserve – I believe it IS something that you deserve. It is what brought you to this point in life and here you are – doing so darn well.

    Thank you so much for sharing and take care!


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