But dirty laundry stinks

I’m a wife. A mom. An employee. Big whoop.

I’m also an alcoholic.

More big whoop.

I know this has been done before: the diary of a drunk housewife/mom/functioning member of society.

So why am I so excited to blog about my recovery? I really don’t know. But I am.

I have just over 60 days of sobriety right now, which to veterans in the twelve-step world is little more than a drop in the bucket, though something to hold close and tightly and be incredibly proud of.

To people who are still drinking but want to stop, it’s a pretty significant chunk of time.

To those who are still drinking and don’t want to stop, it’s a ridiculous amount of time.

I’ve been all three of the above, so that seems like a good topic to blog about next…

3 thoughts on “But dirty laundry stinks

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  1. I’ve been counting out the days I’m sober too and can relate to this kind of game we play, not to demean it, but as a form of hope or strengthening, recovering, whatever. Your writing and posts served as a kind of nudge for me over the years to consider my own drinking Kristen, and so I’m proud to share with you I’m like 7 or 8 months in, but have tried to stop obsessing over counting down the days and weeks. For what it’s worth (a lot to me), I’m coming to that place where the idea of forever feels really good, and what a turning that is. So thanks I guess, by modeling that kind of spirit that people can get through it. I think about a post you wrote once about craving a beer in the summertime when you were out somewhere, and know I’ll feel that too, but for now: thank god for NA beers lady! Be well, thanks for sharing this.

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    1. That’s wonderful, Bill! I had no idea and am glad to hear you’re starting to feel more comfortable and perhaps free. The rewards were always there, but no doubt it gets easier over time and I no longer feel sorry that I can’t drink. I’ve never regretted the decision, and regretted plenty about my drinking. About the NA beers, there are so many more now. My husband drinks them sometimes and says they’re quite good. I think they would make for an easier transition…glad they’re out there for sure.

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